Sculpture Education Lectures and Forums

Since 2008, I have initiated and produced sculpting lectures for Sculptors Society Members on a wide variety of topics with interviewing leaders in their field namely:

  • Professor Naama Goren-Inbar, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel, discoverer of the world’s oldest sculpture, Venus of Berekhat Ram, 450,000 to 700,000 years old.
  • Ron Mueck – Leading Australian sculptor.
  • Alex Seton – Leading marble sculptor.
  • Animal Logic – 3D modelling for the movie ‘Happy Feet’ and other ventures.
  • Vivid Sydney – light modelers who transform Sydney landmarks.
  • Jack Poppert – UNSW Sculpture student representative on the next generation of sculptors.
  • Wojcieck Pitranik – Relief sculptor for the Australian Mint
  • Alan Somerville – Sculptor of the ANZAC Soldiers, ANZAC Bridge, Sydney.
  • Rex Merten – One of Australia’s leading jewelers.
  • Cox Richardson Taylor and Partners, Architects. Interior Design and the role of sculpture in major projects.
  • Michel Brouet – Leading Fine Art photographer and how to create the perfect image.
  • Barnes Products – Latest developments in casting and sculpting materials.
  • Michael Vaynman – Leading caster on processes and finishes.
  • Macquarie University – Ancient Roman Sculpture.